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Balanced injured worker and employer needs

We have achieved a balance between the needs of injured workers and employers. Independent research shows satisfaction levels were high for both customer groups—injured worker satisfaction rating was 78.3% and employers 76%.

Low average premium rate

We have maintained our low average premium rate of $1.15 per $100 of wages for
2009–2010, despite the global financial crisis. WorkCover Queensland offers the lowest average premium rate of any Australian state and has done so for the last ten years.

Fast claims decisions

The average time to decide a claim has decreased to 5 days, down from 7.2 days last year. We decide 72.8% in 5 days and 87.7% in 10 days. Faster decisions means the injured worker can begin rehabilitation sooner—this benefits the worker by improving their recovery time and benefits the employer by returning the worker to the workplace sooner and reducing unnecessary claims costs.

High levels of employee engagement

We achieved a high response rate of 89% for our first employee engagement survey. Our employee engagement score was above both the Australian and Queensland averages—a very good score for a first time engagement survey. Engaged employees are loyal and committed to their organisation, being attracted to and inspired by their work.

Efficient policy renewals

We assessed more than 156 000 policies. 21% of eligible policies took up a payment plan and 92% of the remaining premium was collected by the end of September. 71% of eligible policies received a discount for paying early.

Our scorecard

Aims Score What did we achieve?
78% injured worker satisfaction 78.3% injured worker satisfaction
78% employer satisfaction 76% employer satisfaction
Balance the needs of injured workers and employers 2.3% difference in injured worker and employer satisfaction rates
Assess all policies by end September 100% of policies were assessed by
30 September 2008
Lowest average premium rate in Australia Maintained $1.15 per $100 wages
75% of claims decided in 5 days, 95% of claims in 10 days, and 100% of claims in 20 days (legislative timeframe) 72.8% in 5 days, 87.7% in 10 days, and 96.2% in 20 days

Average time to decide a claim decreased to 5 days (down from 7.2 days last year)
Answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds 85% answered within 20 seconds
Resolve 70% of calls within the first point of contact 73% of calls resolved within first point of contact
6% abandonment rate in line with industry standards <1% abandonment rate
Increase our peoples' satisfaction with WorkCover Queensland Moved to employee engagement platform and achieved an overall score above both the Queensland and Australian averages.
Provide more online options for our customers Introduced online claim registration, provider online, online dx, and document upload.
Enhance communication with stakeholders Introduced SMS and email

Held stakeholder forums

Established consultancy program
Reduce common law claim durations and payment time Durations were constant at 12 months.
  Payment time reduced from 4 to 2 weeks
Improve workplace health and safety at WorkCover Queensland Introduced strategies to improve workplace health and safety

Reduced claims by 13%
Use prudent financial management to ensure a balanced, financially viable scheme Met capital adequacy requirements and maintained a fully funded position
Reduce our impact on the environment With the expansion of our flexible communication methods, we reduced the amount of paper used.